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But Atlantis is in Antarctica !??

In front of mystery, man is free to think what he wants, he can sometimes imagine the most
extravagant things. Atlantis at the South Pole? This is very practical for the governments because no
one can go except the authorities, it is perfect to invent an entirely new version of history to
establish a totalitarian power based on a new world religion. I admit taking the track seriously, and
lacking evidences, I can not deny the possibility that there has been human life in Antarctica, in fact
I even think that there was, since it was attested many times that there was life around the North
Pole 10,000 years ago. Indeed, the many mammoths found in the Arctic show precisely (since we
even found blood!) that there was a vegetation and a mild climate in the polar zone 10 500 years
ago, yet they are selling us the idea that the glaciation of Würm lasted 100,000 years, the warming
would have started only 10,000 years ago, to reach the current stage that has lasted for 6,000 years…
I am one of those who think that the Würm glaciation is an imposture of “sly team” to make us
believe that the poles have been frozen for 100,000 years. No possibility therefore, that there was
life in the Arctic with the official theory, which we know is totally false (thanks to our famous
mammoths) and you will understand the cause of this imposture through the article.

So maybe there was a life in Antarctica 10500 years ago, was it Atlantis? Yes and no. It depends on
what we call “Atlantis”, if it refers to all the civilization disappeared under water or ice then why
not. However the name “Atlantis” clearly draws a link with the ocean of the same name, but the
theory of Jean Seimple tells us about an “Atlantis” which would be a continent located in South
Africa between the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean (which would then suddenly slip to the
South Pole), so why call it Atlantis?


Why we never talk about the Arctic?

What is most amazing is that we never talk about the Arctic, while this area is much closer to us but
above all, that the ancient Indo-Iranian writings Veda and Avesta, tell us about this Nordic polar
continent as the origin of the people who brought these sacred writings and the Vedic tradition.

In the Greek writings Hyperborea is mentioned as being the Nordic origin of the god Appolon and
of all Greek knowledge, if we read others writings than the selected for us by the pharisees, we even
see that the Greeks would be Peslages’s descendants, of which the Hyperboreans were the
We never talk about it because it’s very politically incorrect! Because academics are educated to
reject these theories and strongly urged to consider them as “Nazi”. We know that these guidelines
come from the willingness of an elite to block all Nordic researches, as if they had something to
hide? These directives come from the high grades of Freemasonry, and this policy was also
implemented by the Church of Rome.
Why is that? What the Pharisee lineage is hiding is the European civilization that preceded Egypt:
The Nordic Atlantis civilization.

Nordic Atlantis?

To understand, we must divide the ancient civilizations history into 3 phases:

The hyperborean phase

The pre-diluvian period before the flood of 8500 BC was the time when climate was definitely

warmer on our planet and when the Arctic and its continent were Hyperboreans and figured as the
center and the capital of the world. The primordial tradition is very attached to this notion of center,
axis of the world, and that is what represents the sacred tree present in all the mythologies of the
world. So yes, during these golden age, all nations where linked to the hyperborean spiritual center.
This does not mean that the Toltecs had a similar culture than the one of the Nordics, no, but they
shared common principles and common symbols like the swastika. Tradition is made of the
immutable principles of nature, which will manifest in an environment, to different people, always
traduced in a different result and giving specific identity to each nation. These kingdoms were
united by a spiritual alliance but kept their temporal freedom, that is to say political freedom.
During this phase, there was probably life in Antarctica, as there was in the North Pole but we
repeat, many ancient texts relate the existence of a civilization in the Boreal zone, and none in
Antarctica, while oral traditions testify of the boreal origin of the tradition, that is why we do not
seriously credit the theory of Atlantis in Antarctica. If it can be credited for something, is for serving
the politic interest of the oligarchic elites who wanted to divert the world from the truth to get away
with there plan : a large replacement of the white population: see this debunk article::

That is why, we are in favor of the thesis of René Guénon, who sees in this period a multitude of
“Atlantis” around the planet, as much as secondary spiritual centers all linked to the primordial
polar and Boréal center, that is to say Hyperborean. (see video: )

The Atlantis phase

We could use the term “new Atlantis” or “Nordic Atlantis” not to confuse it with the Atlantis of the
Hyperborean phase, however we think that Atlantis should only refer to this period that starts after
the deluge of 8500 BC, that will lead many natural disasters, including one that will cause the
glaciation of the poles and even beyond. The Hyperborean survivors will wait until the ice begins to
melt to found a new civilization: Inspired by the former polar primordial center, they will found a
spiritual center on the plain of the doggerland (current North Sea). This maritime civilization will
develop through their art of sailing on the ocean, they will build the megaliths in the coasts of the
Atlantic Ocean, and will travel around the world, especially from the moment that their homeland
of the doggerland will begin to be submerged by the Atlantic Ocean to became the North Sea::

It is this people of the sea that will be called the Atlanteans and whose famous god Poseidon is
represented everywhere on earth with his trident.

The Phariso-Roman phase

Then the story will take another turn, cataclysms bring chaos and tyrants take the advantage. It is in
Assyria and in Egypt that the cabal of Pharisee robbers will be born, cabal of pharisees who still
today, reign thanks to their lies, manipulation, and especially, usurpation. Notably with the help of
the establishment of the Abrahamic religions based on an old testament that blurs the authentic past
of humanity. These people, symbolized in the person of the Apostle Paul, will create or infiltrate the
Church of Rome very early and completely usurp the message of Christ, using his image to seduce
but not realizing the plans of the authentic Christ. This is the era of obscurantism and serfdom in
Europe, everything will be removed from the people: its history, all scientific knowledge. Indeed,
these Phariso-Romans will privatize the knowledge to induce oblivion, and erase the memory of the
Europeans, and that is why we believe that Croesus “invents” money in Greece, that we believe we
discovered that earth is round during the Renaissance !! Thus the members of these secret

fraternities, the only possessors of knowledge, will be able to appropriate the inventions and that the
church will claim the paternity of civilization, we won’t mention other possibilities that the secret
privatization of knowledge can offer…
Sorry to give you the ugly truth as it is, but fortunately it has a counterpart.

The cold shower

Sorry! It is probably not supernatural beings who created the pyramids, who laid these huge
megalithic stones, which brought knowledge to humanity at the wild stage. No, they were human,
but we forgot it because of a series of factors that led to a total erasure of memory: First and
foremost, the cataclysms that destroyed civilizations by causing chaos. Then, greed and hatred of
some humans organized in the shadows to take full control by the erasure of memory and the
control of information.
These two factors resulted in the fact that today, people do not understand these ancient civilizations
and imagine extravagant and sulfurous things, the fantasy of supernatural or overpowered external
savior comes back into the minds! But beware, this syndrome of the external savior, it is already
what has lost us, believing in the religion of the savior who will return, and who encourage us
unconsciously to remain passive, to be fatalistic.
But in reality, what the truth about Atlantis teaches us is that we were the ones who made these
wonders of the world, we were the ones who built fabulous civilizations, and we are the ones who
forgot everything ! What the truth tells us is that we are the savior, it was us the “gods”, in short, the
truth empowers us!
This cold shower will enliven us, because we are not alone to face these responsibilities: our
ancestors left us messages that went through all the cataclysms, and that resisted all the lies and
manipulations of the malicious team.


Magic is elsewhere

Why did they leave Stones? Why the word Paper? Paper “PasPierre” (litteraly not stone in french)
because only stone keeps the memory! These megalithic stones, these Pyramids in the four corners
of the world are messages left by our ancestors, so many testimonies of love for the humanity for
future generations. As we work to increase productivity from year to year, to become richer, our
ancestors took care of building things that last to share with us, with all their future children. What
an example of altruism and genuine, unconditional love. In front of all these lies of the modern
world and their media, in front of the moral stench, I finally found an energy, a presence in the
traces left by these ancient builders, as if they had planned the iron age that we live, and that they
wanted to accompany us in this ordeal.

When I went to Guillon, suspected to be the real Alesia, and leaving the A6 motorway, I had the
choice between “Avallon” on the right and “Maison-Dieu” on the left. I felt I was not alone, there
was a discreet and wise presence to guide me. video :

When I understood this message and when I had the confirmation of Alesia in Guillon by Aalst and
Ales perfectly framing this city, I was touched by this presence, which had foreseen in its wisdom
that we will erase the location of the sacred city. When you see that Alésia is aligned on its meridian
with Reims and Troyes… When you discover the Alésia and StoneHenge link via Rouen (original
name: Rotamagus = magician of the Tarot) you are facing the sublime, and facing a civilization of
such great scale, that it was able to spend much of its time giving to future generations yet distant
from several millennia.

What I remember from this lesson is that Asterix & Obelix and the Celto-Viking culture * have
been much more useful than years of study at the Sorbonne (years that I have never done I reassure
you) to connect me to what I have always been looking for: the beautiful, the right and the true, but
more than that it is a fabulous example of wisdom and a testimony of love left by our wise
ancestors. This feeling of love you will never feel it as much as when you make a discovery
yourself, and this is why we must understand why Jacques Grimault does not want to tell us

everything: There is nothing more magical and more beautiful than to discover for oneself multi-
millennial messages left by loving beings.

Oleg de Normandie

* The Celto-Viking culture is the most demonized… and I insist because alternative internet medias
relayed people openly Nazis like Vincent Reynouard, but never Oleg de Normandie, blacklisted
because he speaks of the culture of our Gauls ancestors! You probably understand why they do
everything to do not talk about this culture and they prefer to talk about Nazism! Because this
ancestral culture, which is none other than our great grandparents’s, leads us straight to the truth and
to the end of the matrix of the Pharisees.

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