Green Pill Version, october 2018.
Author : Oleg de Normandie
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Description : green pill version – The Secret History of Europeans And Much More… – Great revelation ! This historical and philosophical essay recounts the real hidden history of Indo-Europeans (since the Great Flood!) in order to better understand the contemporary challenges where the native European man, his culture and his mindset are in great peril. The author, being free of ideological influences and a descendant of farmers, tells us the story with the help of an unusual reading grid. He brings to light the extraordinary morals of the « pagan barbarians », those free men who resisted against the Empire. Their mindset is a treasure worth its weight in gold, for every man who wishes to elevate himself from within. Be it the primordial tradition, hermeticism, former builders last discoveries, Celto-Nordic mythologies or sciences, everything matches perfectly and delivers a crystal clear theory which debunks religions and the History of mankind. The virile spirit of our forefathers gives us inspiration against this modern world. This book is a tool to fight against the great illusion of our century and also give a deeper meaning to our lives. An essential work for every spiritual warrior !
including following topics : 
-Revelations of the Ancient World
-Hidden Celtic Era
-Egypt and Pharisians
-Roman Church secrets
-Freemasons & Jesuits
-Thule Society

Dimension 13*19cm, 248 pages

This book is available here :