Mrs. Blavatsky is a 19th century intellectual of cosmopolitan origin who created the Theosophical
society, this sect was created to defraud and usurp the original theosophy, close to gnosticism and
primordial tradition. It is René Guénon who in his book “Theosophism, history of a pseudo
religion” debunk the work of Mrs. Blavatsky. Mr. Guénon tells us, rightly, that the Theosophism
created by Mrs. Blavatsky is there to mask the original theosophy, the one of gnosticism, probably
of hyperborean origin, which explains the true history of humanity, that is that Hyperborea existed
10,500 years ago, in the regions of the Arctic Circle. Mrs. Blavatsky claims that Hyperborea existed
tens or hundred of millenia ago, introduce the doctrin of a superior race, claims that the polar race
was a translucent race, that the Hyperboreans were also half translucent… In a word, it is her who
inspired the worst doctrines, including Nazi supremacism. But above all, she helped to divert the
attention of the public, through this usurpation, from the true history of humanity. Fortunately, René
Guénon did this work of debunking.

On the book : “Theosophism, story of pseudo religion”

In the “foreword” of the book, the use the neologism “Theosophism” is justified by the desire not to
be confused between the “theosophical society” of recent creation and the “theosophy” which refers
to a corpus of older Christian doctrines that according to him, the theosophical society falsely
claims to be connected with. In the same way, Guénon distinguishes in other works the “gnosticism”
of the Gnosis or the “traditionalism” of tradition.

Oleg de Normandie

Here is an excerpt of an article by a confrere, to note that the mentioned confrere seemed to ignore
the original theosophy, however his analysis of Blavatsky’s Theosophism is quite right, at least I
agree with this passage:


(Photo caption: The symbol of the Luciferian sect of the Bavarian Illuminati was placed on
American tickets in 1935 by Henry Morgenthau, the father of the German genocide)

“To which character of the mythology can we compare the journalists of the dissident press? Some
will say Hercules, because of the cleaning of the stables of Augias. In fact, our task is rather to
compare with that of poor Sisyphus who, punished by the gods for his too great intelligence, had to
eternally hoist a rock on the top of a mountain, rock that inevitably fell… It’s a bit of the task which
is ours when it comes to fascism and the Second World War. In Le Figaro on October 2, 2003,
Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie (of the Institute) talks about Helena Blavatsky, the famous Luciferian
creator of Theosophy (sect of which were notably members Gandhi, Jung, Martin Buber, Bakunin,
Trotsky, Lenin, Isadora Duncan, Theodor Reuss) and he rose her to the rank of spiritual mother of
Nazism. Nothing less. Here is the restoration of historical truth for the readers of Le Figaro who
will never read it. Of Jewish origin and cousin of the count of Witte representative of the Tsar
during the Russo-Japanese peace of 1905, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891) is known for
founding a sect called “theosophy” in 1875 whose goal is “to erase Christianity from the face of the
Earth” and to advocate the worshiping of Isis in symbiosis with the Golden Dawn, the association

that actually played a role in Nazism by manipulating the poor Rudolf Hess and of which the Bush
family is a member. She will be particularly close to the F \ Giuseppe Garibaldi, who is not
precisely a reference of fascism, in the company of the infamous F \ Adriano Lemmi, one of the
great thinkers of globalism with F \ Albert Pike and F \ Giuseppe Mazzini… Let’s look at the work
she left : in 1881, S \ Annie Besant-Wood (1847-1933), her heiress in 1891, will join the
Democratic Federation founded by the Marxists Henry Mayer Hyndmann and Eleanor Marx (the
daughter of Karl, wife of Theosophist Edward Aveling). She notably stated in Inquire within the
light bearers of darkness in 1930: “If you see one of us working for a particular movement in the
world, know that this is part of the global plan, and this great plan is : a new heaven and a new earth
built on the ruins of ancient civilization”.
Besant was also a member of the Fabian Society, a group created to create a socialist, technocratic
and globally globalist regime, created on January 4, 1884, which plays a key role in the formation
of elites in Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, London School of Economics…
Then comes the third high priestess, Alice Bailey (1880-1949). She founded the Lucifer Trust,
which became the Lucis Trust in 1922, currently housed in Geneva on the premises of the World
Jewish Congress and which brings together organizations officially out of suspicion such as the
Findhorn Foundation, the World Wildlife Foundation, Greenpeace, Amnesty International and
collaborates very closely with other associations (Le Libre Journal n ° 203, March 10, 2000). The
Lucifer Trust (which became Lucis Trust in 1922) admitted aim is the destruction of humanity.[….]”

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