The word pagan comes from the Latin “paganus” which designates the people of the countryside.
Country, peasant, pagan… A word invented long ago by tyranny to designate people who wished to
remain faithful to the tradition of their ancestors, those who refused to submit to the “unique
thought” of the Roman Catholic imperial religion, whose goal was the moral subjection necessary
to the servitude of the peasants. A pagan was above all a free man refusing to submit and become a
serf. Honor being the first and more important value for a pagan, the new religion of the cities never
managed to grow in the countryside, the “nobles” had to use the worst means to force the villages to
Today very few people remember it, but with the modern times degeneration, the religious excesses,
the lack of moral and family values, more and more people are returning to the tradition of our
ancestors. As Europeans we are the first to undergo this civilizational collapse, that is why we are
building a refuge: the authentic paganism, non religious, the one which goal is the research of
knowledge and elevation, harmony with others and which horizon is nature; it is the Hyperborean
tradition. It is from this culture, it from this sailing people, that comes the in-heritage of the Celts,
the Vikings and all the natives Europeans.

Pagans is :

-A YouTube channel  PAGANS TV full of pagan videos.

-A commune website for all free pagans.

-A Guild, that is to say an associative structure that allows to organize events, a federation for all
pagan clans,

a network of friends and a way of meeting for members, finally the Guild allows to
fund researches in order to promote our ancestral culture.

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