You’ve probably heard about the green pill, this video documentary that reveals secrets about our
past, opens a new path for the Resistance and re-orientate Atlantis researchers to more Nordic
latitudes. If the term “green pill” is used, it is in reference to the film Matrix, often used by
alternative media to illustrate the shift in perception between the “conscious” beings who took the
red pill and the “sheeps”: naive Bisounours having gobbled the blue pill. It is a whole literature that
was developed in the circles of the red pill this recent years on the web and around the world. The
triggering and federating point of these unsubmitted minds is their courageous look on September
11, 2001 which alone has served as “separation of waters” between brave hearts who took the red
pill and the hearts of stone consenting moral cruelty as long as they can bury they head in the sand
head with the blue pill.

Thanks to the release of information on the internet, millions of people around the world have
realized the lies and manipulations of the 1% powerful organized against the 99%: the biggest
fortunes of the world pull the strings and are in the process of establishing a totalitarian power with
the perfect dictatorship as an objective, the total control of the population.

Many things have been tried by groups often called “dissident” without ever leading to something
real, a lot of “red pills” talk now of the black pill: Accepting evil and benefit from its knowledge, its
non-credulity, to socially rise. In the end, it is a bit like joining the “dark forces”, even if it is true
that a person can get rich and turn later on the side of the disclosure of truth, however is it not
dangerous to allow this devil temptation? Is there another way? A “clear” way morally healthy, fair
and beautiful? It seems that there is still hope, a path not yet explored, a path that remained hidden
until now, because it was so skilfully concealed by our masters, that path of the fair is the green pill.

Green, Celtic color of the hidden things and nature

Because no one dared to take the “Gaulish” way seriously, no one thought that the Vikings could
have been anything but hordes of brave barbarians. Who controls the past controls the future, the
story was written by the winners, let it be said, and yet no alternative or dissident media has carried
out some research, some serious debunking in this area: the alternative ” pyramids / Atlantis / Ufos ”
are societal “anti-racist” leftists who will find this “identity matter”, for them it’s bad. As for the
patriotic dissidents, they are so christians that they do not realize that the church was under Pharisee
control and wrote a Jewish version of History. So then, a man will decide to found his own
movement “Free Pagans Hyperboreans ” deal with this message single-handedly and through thick
and thin: Christians, Muslims, anti-nationalists and obviously all the guardians of the JudaeoMasonic
This impetus towards our ancestors was, however, the most natural thing to do: to find one’s roots,
one’s origin, because it necessarily have been a “before the matrix”, there must have been a happier
and fairer time when men were better. This is what was the ancient civilization that preceded the
present one, it was occulted and it is of celtic hyperborean root.

Illustration: The ancients built the main cities and monuments on a green network of 366 meridians
(instead of the usual 360, and so, changing the scale: we can see a hidden network), spacing sites
with significant distances (366 Miles between Stonehenge and Alésia, Alésia in the middle of AalstAlés,
etc …), the manipulators of History could not erase everything, it is by looking from the sky
that we find the oracle of the ancients, recovery of the memory for the awakening of a part of

European megalithic civilization

NO, civilization does not come from the East, mathematics, science were not invented in the
Middle-East by the Sumerians or by Pythagoras! The ancestors of the Celts, were indeed in Europe
5,000 years ago! The invention of Indo-Europeans arriving in Europe in 500 BC was stated at the
beginning of the 20th century to prevent any return to the roots for European indigenous peoples.
(We recommend on this subject the book of Simone the Baron: “Greece, cradle of humanity” on this
subject). Certainly, a good part of the whites had migrated to India, those that some call the Aryans
(rams, comes from “Aries” which means ram in English and Latin), and they returned from 1200
BC at 500 BC in Western Europe, but they were only coming back! More detail on this journey of
Ram / Herakles / Hercules in this article:

Illustration: The NewGrange-Gizeh arch, an indelible testimony of the knowledge of the ancestors
and the existence of a Hyperborean civilization in Europe.


The megaliths of Brittany (the small and the big) cry all these truths concealed by the cabbala of ideologues with Pharisee root. These Stones ravage the lies that have made us swallow, these stones “stink” geometry, astronomy and show us that the Earth’s circumference and the roundness of the Earth were known by our Gaulish ancestors! Why do you think there is no credit to researchers for megaliths? (On this subject the works of Sylvain Tristan, Howard Crowhurst and Quentin Leplat are excellent).


Illustration: The sumptuous Egyptian Karnak, was positioned according to the Carnac Breton, they are not of the same time, but their architecture is of monolithic type of each side

Alésia, the key to the green network!

Worse, these European monuments, the oldest on this planet in terms of dating, are connected to the
pyramids of Giza by a clever geometric game “level 5”, understandable by everyone. In reality it is
an immense network that connects all the most beautiful monuments around the planet, the wonders
of the world bear witness to a glorious past for humanity, a glorious alliance, a golden age, because
these works are colossal in terms of cost and offered no financial profitability! Our ancestors built
them simply because it was beautiful to do so, because it is beautiful to transmit to your children.
Yes humanity is not alone, “red pills”, you are no longer alone, the ancients are still present, they
guide us with their love and wisdom through these stones, these monuments through which they
talk to us. These stones are alive, this message is for the hearts of gold, the hearts of stone will see nothing.

Illustrations: “Nobody knows where is Alésia” we understand why the officials have decreed a false
location for Alésia because it leads to the truth. It was in the 19th century that Napoleon III decreed
a false location, like a thief who hides the key to the treasure that the ancients wanted to offer us.
The elites had decided to continue hiding the truth from the people, borrowing the shortcomings of
the Catholic Church, these “Freemasons” (literally in French : “Frankmasons ») were everything but
Frank and do not deserve this name borrowed to the ancient builders whom they try to grant
themselves the prestige in a shameful manner.

Stand sons of the sun! Our ancestors are still present for us in these stones, there is no savior to wait
for, you will be all the saviors, by the flame of your heart re-animated by this message of our
ancestors, these good old druids were wise. And to say that Catholics tell that they were
executioners… Another shameful demonization, a typical slander of the clique with Pharisee roots
who has always reversed everything: the good is the devil, the evil is good. Well, that’s enough, the
sons of Bor are waking up, and the reign of the righteous and the knights will soon be on this planet
again, the reign of the Lokis and the bankers is coming to an end.

It is in these stones of Carnac / Karnak that the fire of our ancestors is manifested;
obviously only the hearts of fire will see the message!
The hearts of stone will only see fire!
The solar message is only captured by the hearts of light.
Brittany means “alliance of fire”!

Oleg of Normandy

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